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Latest news

2021 Site Changes, blogging and portfolio.

As of Jan 2021, this site is pivoting from being just a random blog to [...]

Google Auto Ads and WordPress

Hello ,  So I am doing an experiment to get Google Adsense Auto Ads  up [...]


Writing down goals- ToDo List and Upcoming posts I hope to do

They say the best thing you can do in order to accomplish a goal is [...]

3D Printing Spooky Halloween for 2018 fail

Boring Site Stuff:   I have removed alot of things from this site including the ads.  [...]

2018 Social media accounts

I have Updated and rearranged my Social Media accounts: Personal Accounts: Website: http://DanPereda.com Instagram http://instagram.com/pereda_dan [...]

Expired domains post 11/21/2017

Here are a small sample of some expired domains with links from Wikipedia.   these are [...]

The Downfall of Bitcoin: A Prediction

Investing in Bitcoin is crazy risky, but at the same time it is has the [...]

Being a parent is hard

Wow captain obvious! I was prepared for almost all of it but here is what [...]