Switching from Chrome to Firefox

I don’t know when I maybe the full jump but 5~7 years ago I switched from Firefox to Chrome.  I am die hard google fan boy if you will, I love chrome and it’s integration with the apps and services that I use the most.  Lately I have been getting quite a few crashes with Chrome, and overall slowness in browsing the web and video.  I thought is was my internet connection or router and went down that path to resolving some of my issues.

I came was watching a recent episode of TekThing   I think it was episode 15 where they talk about making the switch back to Firefox.  Over the past few weeks /months  I have be trying out FF every now and then.

Where I really noticed the difference was with my lower end machines where I want to stream video.  I am a huge fan of Auto Racing and I love Motor Trend OnDemand  channel.  I was constantly getting Frame drops in chrome watching it full screen on my 1080p TV.  so I though what the hell and tried Firefox.  The videos were playing as smooth as butter.

Today on my main PC Chrome crashed again I am now going full speed in to using only FF.

It is simple to import everything over and get started.  So far it feels snappier and I am really liking the change.

Blogging and posting

I am working on a ton of other projects and work is killing me, so i have not had the chance to update this site in a while.

I am hoping that as I build some new sites that I have something to post here, more often.

Working on the following:

1. Work – given

2. racing and race car blog

3. Membership site.

4. Consulting with a few start ups.

Dell Venue Pro 8 – Not charging

Dell Venue Pro 8 – Not charging.
This is a pretty common reported issue with this device, but the reality is that people are assuming any Micro USB cable and charger will work.  They Will NOT.

When in doubt use the supplied cable and charger together. 99% of the time this will work.

The issue is this tablet needs a 2 amp power source AND a charge only cable (charge only cables have the data pins shorted). Some cables dont work no matter what.   For example: the cable that came with my Chromecast will not work not matter what charger I am using.

The stock Dell cable will work with the stock charger, my samsung charger, my google nexus 7 charger and my battery pack.  The stock cable will not charge when plugged in to a Pc, or USB hub or an older charging device.

I have noticed my Samsung cable will work with my Nexus7 charger, but will not work with my other 2amp wall chargers.  Lots of reports that Nexus7 charger is smart enough to short the right pins as needed.

Dell Venue Pro 8

I picked up my new train companion the other day.  I bought a used 64gb version.

I am still getting used to windows 8.1, but it is really getting alot of use.  I have a case and bluetooth keyboard on the way and I hope that it will make it a ton more usefull.  Even tho it is a full desktop version of windows, I do miss some of my apps (like google hangouts).


More to come after i really get to put it to the test.

Life of a blogger and being your own sever admin. – WordPress Multisite

As I have written about before, I run quite a few websites. Low traffic ones for the most part, but I still run them. I have move around from hosting provider to hosting provider. From Free hosting , to cheap hosting, to really expensive Amazon AWS to now Digital Ocean.

The move to Digital Ocean was easy for me, but it requires some real server setup(VPS).  I put everything on one Droplet and all was good.  but soon I was getting database connection errors .  I added/increased the swap space and this fixed the issues for a little while but it soon came back.

I seemed to find out that running WP Multisite with quite a few plugins is a little too intensive for a small droplet. I also need to build a little more protection for my main business websites so a little restructuring was in order.

I am now running 3 Droplets on DO.  1 droplet is bigger and hosts just 2 sites.  The 2 sites that actually get traffic and get me new business.  The 2nd droplet hosts all my other sites, if it crashed due to overload, it is not a big deal.  the 3rd droplet was what i started on that has the backup of all my sites and is my development server.

Additionally My site with the most traffic ad plugins on my Wp MU, I have taken off and put it in a standalone WP.

This fixed almost any and all errors I was getting.

Then I went a bit furthercdnCapture and moved alot of things to CloudFlare CDN.  WOW the reporting I was getting back was very very interesting.  I was getting strange massive spikes in traffic.  this is what was probably bringing down my sites before.  Google analytics were not showing these spikes.

The Alfa romeo 4C is just not worth it.

Alfa spent a lot of money building the 4C.  And in turn they are going to charge you a lot of money for the privilege of owning one.

In the US the first 500 will cost over $70,000.  Why the high price for a stripped out go kart?
First is the name this is the first car with the Alfa name to be sold in the USA for ages.
Second is this car is carbon fiber and it costs a lot to make.
Third. It looks great.

But I feel in typical Italian fashion they missed something in the engineering department.  They used exotic materials,  cut out all non essential items (like power steering) and made it really small with no trunk storage space and still the car will weigh in over 2500lbs for the us market.

2500lbs is light for a modern car. But the 2015 Mazda Miata mx5 will weight under 2300lbs and not be made of exotic carbon fiber.
As a result you will probably be able to buy 3 MX-5s for the price of an Alfa.
Not to mention the Alfa will be


expensive to insure.
I have yet to drive both of these cars (the mx-5 is not out yet) but I am pretty sure my opinion will stay the same once I do.
For 70 grand there are a lot of other cars I would want to own. Porsche cayman. Even at the 55 grand entry point to come later. I will would rather live with a bmw m235 or buy 2 mx-5s.

But come ask me I get to drive it.

Server down as mysql corrupted

So I have been struggling the last few days with keeping my sever up.   I thought I was simply running out of memory and I probably was.  Today nothing I did would work to bring it back up.
In the end it seemed the mysql table was corrupted.  This was most likely caused by running out of memory.
Well I upgraded my server with more memory and restored the site from a backup and all seems good now.