Writing down goals- ToDo List and Upcoming posts I hope to do

They say the best thing you can do in order to accomplish a goal is to first WRITE IT DOWN. Lets be clear, I am not promising you or myself anything here.  Blogging and video creation and other things have taken a backseat, hell they have been put in the back shed and left at home.  I like most people have too much other stuff to do and have very little time to do it in.   but now I am not driving to work, but instead spend almost 4 hours on a train everyday I MIGHT have some time to put toward this hobby of mine.

Lets get to this list of goals, todo list, random thoughts and rants:

  1. Update blog theme.
  2. Record and document updating the blog theme
  3. How do you do Strikethru text in a wordpress blog?
  4. Video/document as much as possible
  6. Add adsense back to blog?
  7. Document 3D printing
  8. Document MPCNC
  9. Document being a real estate investor,
  10. Document working on Boat and boating
  11. Organize YouTube channels and Video Planning
  12. Document Family Challenges?  Not sure we are ready for this.

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