Review Of CCNA Class at Sans Bound Training

This post will be updated as the class progresses.

My company has sent me to Chennai, India for 3 months, so being that I am stuck here my coworkers and I decided to make the best of it. Obviously things are a lot cheaper here in India. We decided to take classed on CCNA.

Cost of 30 Class Days of CCNA training: ………
More…Rs 10,000 + 10% tax = $255.00 US

About: Sans Bound Solutions Pvt. Ltd., # 6 Shriram Building, Rangarajapuram 2nd Street, Corporation Colony, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600 024. Phone: 24728471, 52134805, 52134823. email: . They offer a winning range of our highly acclaimed and successful training and educational programs focused on networking, information security and assurance services. We have assisted thousands of professionals to get certified in a variety of globally recognized and industry standard certifications. We don’t create armchair professionals; candidates trained by us will be comfortable working with complex networking and security architecture in real life environment

The Facility – To our surprise the class room was very well Air Conditioned. The seats were ok, but they are not meant for big heavy people. If you weigh more than 230 lbs I suggest you ask about making other seating arrangements

Day 1 – Class was scheduled to start at 9:30 am but didn’t start till about 10:30am. Today’s professor was not the one that was supposed to be in the class. He never introduced himself. When he first started to speak I got very worried. He had a heavy accent and spoke really fast. The I noticed that he repeats each sentence about 3 times so this gave us the opportunity to understand what he was saying.

Day 2 Class again was scheduled to start at 9:30 am but didn’t start till 10:30 am. This time the professor apologized for being late. It was a different professor than day one. His name was Rajesh, He stated that he was a CCNA and I just about to finish his CCNP. He was ok to understand. There was a part were he said that he was not sure he was right and not to “Put your hands on my collar” if he was wrong, So Indian saying I guess. He seemed pretty week when it came to wireless technologies and I didn’t agree with what his point of view of wireless. This maybe because wifi is sort of illegal here in India.

22 thoughts on “Review Of CCNA Class at Sans Bound Training

  1. venkateshwaran says:

    hi good evening sir / madam

    i wanna join in your institude….how much of ccna course fees and duration time, when did you start in ccna class, tel me more information about in your sans bound institude
    conduct no : 9790745755


  2. raja says:

    I Want to do my CCNA certified
    course in your institude
    could your tell something about CCNA.
    as well as the Scope of that Sir,

  3. Balaji says:


    Its still the same DAN. Rajesh is a lazy guy. He is not punctual and professional. Its just a waste of time and money studyin here.

  4. Kumar says:

    Never Join this Sansbound institute
    they will never start the call ontime they will make you to wait outside for more than hour as the Pune,Institute faculties, lab attenders will always be late

    I was scheduled for 0630 Hours but it will start 0730 Hours

    My advise is dont join this institute

  5. Ann C says:

    Do not join Sansbound .
    My experience till date:
    I joined Sansbound on Feb 15th with great hopes for the 6 :30 am batch. It meant sacrifing my sleep(as I work until late late),however, I thought as it was promised on Day 1, that the course would end in 3 months in March..
    On the contrary,when I completed a month in Sansbound in March 2010,after sacrifing a lot of sleep and bearing with their unpunctual nature,they announced that they are going to begin a new course called SBCNP which might seem like an esteemed degree,but is actually a combination of CCNA,MSCE and Checkpoint Technologies.
    The offer announced for our batch was’
    As U guys are old students and the first batch for SBCNP, u need to pay only RS 5000/-.The course will begin in March and be completed in June2010.CCNA couse will not be conducted anymore in Sansbound. The new batch for SBCP will have to pay Rs 30,000

    As we had no other option other than to join SBCNP,all of us were forced to join SBCNP or discontinue the coures.
    The course is still not over now –in Aug 2010,and I had to switch batches.
    I requested for night shift for 3 months in office so that I could attend the course from 10am -12pm in the morning

    The counsellor had assure me :This batch will surely end in 3 months ie in Aug and the classes will be very systematic…

    Never join Sansbound, the course is still not over.The labs have not yet started and Im very confused and frustrated not knowing how to complete the CCNA international certification..Join renowned institutes like NIIT,etc, where even tho its a more expensive…U get to achieve your goal and the service for your valuable money is returned.In Sansbound,there is no value for time and money

  6. Lee Durai says:

    This is one of the best Networking institute… Those who want Knowledge insist for Mr. Mohamud Ali sir’s batch.
    They also provide courses in CCNA, MCSE and etc.
    All the best.

  7. Vinoth says:

    Hey friends, I had joined in Sansbound for sbcnp, While seeing the older post i think i made a mistake, but the class r going to start on april 18 2011. Is there any option for the change, or better place for ccna, please provide me the details…

  8. kumar says:

    hi friend,
    plz read this,
    sansbound oru moca institute,please dont join here wasting yr money n placements n obeying options to go out side,their is illegal hostel ,which collecting lot of money from outside of city people,so please dont join in sansbound n don t waste yr money,

  9. kumar says:


  10. Anand Raj says:


    I’m having the idea of doing CCNA.I asked my friends,my seniors which is the best institute for doing CCNA.The answer came from most of us are SANSBOUND.So now i decided to do CCNA in your institute.Could you please send me the fee structure and what are the timing available for the class to my mail id mentioned above.

    Anand Raj

  11. Hari says:

    Hi ,

    i Joined in CCNA week end batch in which they promised that the course will end in 2 months which is not correct.
    Please dont join

  12. Hari says:

    Sansbound is making hell lot of money from people by assuring so many offers but they are collecting Lum sum amount other than course fee and exam fee.

  13. pradeep says:

    It’s been a biggest mistake in my life by joining in Sansbound and wasted almost 3 months. Again i m looking for a different institutes to get trained in CCNA

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