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Google Project Fi – Testing do you use less data?

My Project Fi testing and review. I have wanted to test Google’s Project Fi service for a while. 2 things have been stopping me. I needed to buy a new phone that works with it I have unlimited data with T-mobile and I use alot of data. With the a new¬†Nexus 6P about to arrive […]

How to choose a new tablet? – Nook vs Kindle vs Nexus 7 – and the winner is….

I have had my Nook tablet for about a year now. ¬†Since day one I have been running custom ROM on it. ¬†After adding the custom ROM it really has been the best tablet you could buy for $200. ¬†I use it all the time, while my 10″ tablet never got used. ¬†if i was […]

Samsung Series 9 15 inch ultrabook – Bloatware removal

More posts about this laptop¬†here,¬†here¬†and here. The downside of an Ultrabook is the small hard drive. ¬†One of the downside of the Windows ecosystem is the OAMs can install a bunch of useless software, also known as “Bloatware”. ¬†Samsung didn’t fill this machine up with that much bloat, but with this small of a drive, […]

My new workhorse : Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C 15 inch ultrabook – intro

More posts about this laptop here, here and here. I have been drooling over a new laptop for almost 2 years now. ¬†Ever since my screen broke on my Acer 5610z. ¬†I have alsways had a work laptop to hold me over, so I was waiting till I¬†found¬†something I¬†really¬†liked. ¬†I knew i wanted something thin, […]

Sennheiser CX300-B Earbuds

These Sennheiser CX300-B Earbuds (Black) ear buds just arrived on my door. I plugged them in to my Ipod Nano and was surprised by the great sound and noise cancellation (I had to switch to the small plugs). I have the stereo on and a small space heater next to me and I can’t hear […]