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Sani Tred Vs Drylock – Feedback to Comments – Part 3

WOW! lots of feedback on my original post Sani Tred Vs Drylock I think it is funny how some people read my post get different viewpoints out of it. I think Sani-Tred is a good solid product, but for me it was not DIY weekend worrier friendly. For me I got acceptable results from Drylock with with much less effort and cost. Where […]

Sani Tred Vs Drylock – Wet basement – Part 2

Well, It has bee 2 years since I coated half my basement walls with Sani Tred and Half Drylock. You can read that post Here: Sani Tred Vs Drylock. The recent storms in the northeast, snow and rain. I did have some water get in to the basement. I am still working on sourcing where […]