Monthly Archives: September 2010


Hey everyone, have really been working allot projects lately. First off, school is really kicking my ass so that is taking a lot of my time Projects: I have registered quite a few new domain names, I’ve also consolidated most of my domain names to ad parking sites. I am only keeping active the sites […]

TOP GEAR’s The Stig has been revealed

In a recent article BBC and Top Gear lost an injunction with the Stig, allowing him to release his tell all book about being the Stig for 7 year.  The Stig is no other than Ben Collins, a 33 year old racing driver, but I guess a damn good one at that. What Color will new […]

The living Room battle ground, Apple Tv and the set top box wars.

Apple announced today that they are getting serious about the Set Top Box game and they want to be in your living room. They launched the new Apple TV. for $99.00. It is set to play Netflix and iTunes store purchases. The Apple Kool-aide drinkers will line up and buy this, but will it run […]