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There are 1000s of reviews out there by many other people. Some of them do reviews professionally, some do it for other business reasons, some just do it to complain, and some do it for vanity. There are many other motivations and many different types of reviews. So why do I do reviews? There is […]

The All New BMW 3 Series Convertible with pic and video.

From the fully retractable power hardtop to its powerful engine, the all-new 3 Series Convertible is engineered to perform. Luxurious interior touches, technological innovations and intelligent safety features come together in a convertible ready to face any road in all conditions. Click Here to view the Video of the car and it’s hard top in […]

Welcome to my newest site and the redesign of my web properties.

I currently own 7 domains and they are spread out across different servers and hosting providers. Some sites are for fun and some sites are new business ideas that I am exploring. I have way to many topics I am trying to cover and fun, business and personal ideas are getting posted on the wrong […]