Windows 7 downloaded files disappear or deleted.

Windows 7 downloaded files disappear or deleted.

I have been using Windows 7 exclusively now for about a month.  I can say that I love it.  I did run accross an issue the other day that confused the hell out of me.

I was trying to download an updated version of the Free AVG software,  and my Graphics drivers.  I could see them downloading, but once complete this files would disappear.  After some research I found a similar issue that others had after upgrading or uninstalling AVG FREE. I never put the two together.

A few days before I tried to upgrade the version I had of AVG to the new 8.5 Version.  The Upgrade Failed and I lost the program all togeter.  So I just uninstalled it all and went about my business.  But AVG did not fully uninstall and it was apparently the cuase of the disappearing files.

I went in to the file folder for AVG and deleted all that was left.
I also went in to the registry with ‘Regedit’ and deleted all the registry entries the had AVG in them and pointed to the AVG file directory.
I was then able to download the Full AVG8.5 file from their site and run it.  It asked if I wanted to update, fix or uninstall the program.  I choose uninstall.  Then Rebooted.
I then ran the program again to install it.  Updated it and  AVG free 8.5 is working on my Windows 7 machine again.

I am able to downlaod files and use them agian.

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  1. I can do you better….For example just today…I went to access my ADC (calendar program) and found that the directory was still there , but the executable file was NOT.

    I reinstalled the program and it responded , when I tried to run it with all the DATA I had previously installed into it….strange

    That has happened to many of my programs since I installed WINDOWS7 7100 64 bit about 2 weeks ago. I do not run any anti virus program ( phew)

  2. Same problem. I ripped a DVD to c: and it wasn’t there so I did a search and found it in an obscure folder somewhere. I downloaded a rar file which I simply cannot find.

  3. Hello there. I have the same problem and i don’t really like it. The first time happened with Borderlands game. I had the original and the add.on installed too. The next day when i woke up the shortcut was like it had no path. I went to the installing dir and there was left only few folders and files, no game data or exe. Few minutes ago i just got over same thing with a Video card program :Gpu caps viewer. Got it from the website, installed, worked fine, and next day there was no exe in the folder. I have nod antivirus but i don-t think it has anything to do with the files, even if your computer is full of viruses. It has to be this windows 7 argh. Any1 has a clue about it ????

  4. Yes once again windows puts out yet another P O S. I am slowly getting all my customer to switch to mac, nothing bets a *nix os. Microsoft should. die. and yes i am dealing with the seem issue on a cusomters brand new windows 7 machine. they have only had it for 2 months. and now files just keep disaperring 100’s at a time. NO they are not hidden. I have to restore them from shadow copy. Simply put microsoft is crap

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