As you can tell, I post to my blog when I can, not on some set schedule.    I run this blog for fun and to test things out and a good place to get feedback on some ideas and questions I have.  We the last 30-45 days has been crazy and I have not had time to post stuff even tho I wanted too.  For those that care,  here is what has changed and what is coming up.

I have now changed companies, I was hoping for some time off in between, but that didn’t happen( good and bad).

I have moved back from my apartment in California to my house in NJ.

My new position keeps me working from my Home office most of the time, but I will have to make my normal offshore travel every so often.

With that said,  working from home again has prompted me to upgrade my home office and that will be the topic of next few blog posts.

Well I gotta jump on a plane,  will post this to the site when i am back in the Office.