What Color is your Parachute? (2007) is a book by Richard Nelson Bolles; published by Ten Speed Press.

It has become the defacto book for job hunters and career changers. It is updated and republished every year. I half read the a copy in 2001ish. I was desperate for a Job at that time and ironically thought I didn’t have time to read it, I was to busy looking for a job in a terrible job market. I found a job eventually, but I had to struggle thru a few I didn’t really like before I found one that I did.

I have been at my current company for 3 years now. I really like my Company and my job. I get to travel all over the world setting up and managing call centers. I am always seeing cool places and doing unbelievable things, but the stress and working hours are getting to me. I look forward to settling down, buy a house, and starting a family. These things are not currently in line with my job. My job may change and allow me to have a home again, but that is not guarantee. I am now starting my back up plan.

I have picked up the latest copy of WCIYP? 2007. I have just started reading it and I plan to put thoughts and reviews of the book here online. There are many tasks that must be done in the book and i will also share them online.

I will also share what I have learned about the job market, working, traveling, and the world.