I have to post something, but I have been so busy that I have not found the time.

What have I been doing since I am not blogging?

I have been using my bit little free time to try and learn Ruby on rails, Ajax on rails and some advanced asterisk and some Linux stuff. I am trying to do all this so I can really make my other site PhoneFuse.com do some cool things. I think some of you tech heads will really like what I gonna give you for free.

Coming Up
I have about 30 drafts of blog posts that I want to finish(I really haven’t started anything but the title). Many of them travel reviews.
I want to add podcasts to this site
I have a great approach to call center management that I want to write down and get out to the world.
and much more…

I will be traveling much of next week, so who knows what I will get done. I will mayby get a couple of the blog posts started.

Drop me a comment of what your really interested in hearing about. Blogarama