Wet basement and no A/C.

Wet basement and no A/C.

So I bought a house. It was built in 1946 so it has a few problems and need some updating. Since I am not traveling as much I guess i will be writing more about my House projects.

The first issue I have is drainage and wet basement. The basement is concrete block construction.
The house was missing gutters on the backside, so I have installed them and ran 5 foot extensions to get the water away from the house. The blacktop dirveway also has some low spots that are pushing water aginst the foundation. I have put fixing the driveway on my plans.
I removed the wood paneling from the corner with the water leak and it seems water is seeping through a few blocks and well as a few motor joints seem to be leaking. I have ordered SaniTred’s (www.sani-tred.com) products and I will test them on my leaks on the corner this weekend.

The outside foundation was resurfaced a while ago and is now starting to peel off. This has given another point where water can enter the basement. I will tackle this when I tackle the driveway and after I confirm the Sanitred product works on the inside.

I got the HVAC system up and running the A/C condenser unit kicked on but after 5 mins shut down. The Condenser fan was hot and stopped turning. I turn it off and will call a A/C person next week.

3 thoughts on “Wet basement and no A/C.

  1. How did your Sani-Tred installation treat you? Were the prep, installation, and result what you wanted and expected?

  2. I have not actually used it yet. I am having a hard time getting the old paint off my basement wall. Adding gutters really help so water has not been that big a problem.

    I did use Sani-Tred on some rusty metal door outside. It sticks really good to the metal, but rust got mixed in the paint and doesn’t look so good. I suggest multiple coats. also one pint barely coved the door, so more is better.

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