I currently own 7 domains and they are spread out across different servers and hosting providers. Some sites are for fun and some sites are new business ideas that I am exploring. I have way to many topics I am trying to cover and fun, business and personal ideas are getting posted on the wrong web sites, or is limiting what I can do with the website. I have consolidated my hosting and servers down to two locations. I have a front end hosting provider for all my sites and a separate back end server to handle some complex functions. Below is an outline of my plans for my sites.

DanPereda.com – This is will be my personal site. It will be my personal Blog and Also a platform for my writing.

Shoreperformance.com – This site will be revamped to become the front face of my business again. Right now the front end is just my blog and the back end runs some major surveys and data recording.

Phonefuse.com – This site will be my test platform to work of some new Asterisk PBX goodies. It will also replace the back end for the Voipfordummies.com site that I currently own, but I am being forced to transfer it to Wiley Press.

Voipfordummies.com – This site is being eliminated and transferred to Wiley Press (the people that own the for dummies trademark)

Pereda.org – I hope to work more on this site and get it to become the family website that I had always meant for it to become.

TheMillionaireSociety.com – This is my Prosper group. I have not had time to really open this site or even start my group.

ReelSpicy.com – This was the name of my boat, but I no longer have the boat. I will come up with something to put here. till then I will just point it to one of my other sites.