Happy new year all,  a little belated.

Websites and blogging:

Lots going on a very little time to blog.  I have dedicated the rest of tonight to my BLOGS.   I have Coffee, Red bull and dinner with me as my desk.

I updated this site to WP 3.5 and things seems to be going smoothly.  I have about 10 videos recorded but not edited and YouTube keeps giving my a hard time about monetizing  so I haven’t been motivated to finish them.

Tonight I am working on my revenue producing sites or sites that I hope will be revenue producing.  I really just setting test for things I think will work out.  As things work or don’t work I do hope to put the results here.

Real Estate:

I have been shopping for a new house recently and that mean I will soon become a landlord.  In my township that is a little hard and requires the house to be in tip top shape, so that is where all my free time is going.