Well , I expect this will be the last post on this server.

I started my blog and other site on godaddy hosting and after a few slowdowns I moved to 1and1.    I was with 1and1 for a few years with no real issues, but thier admin interface seems to keep getting slower and the websites ran well; I thought I could simplify my life by moving everything thing to godaddy.  well I tested GD a few sites at a time and it seemed they fixed their speed issues.  I slowly moved all my sites to GD and it was running fine for over 2 years.  in the last month my sites have become unusable slow on godaddy hosting.

Calls to their tech support confirm they are having an issues but have no idea when it will be resolved. They always tell me, probably within 24 hours.  I am done waiting and I can’t afford for some of my sites to be down.

I searched for all types of solutions and providers,  I am now testing Amazon AWS.  I have already moved one of my critical sites there and my FTP is going crazy duplicating files for the move of the rest of my sites there.

AWS is gonna cost me a little more, but should stay running. I hope.   My challenge now is to see how many WordPress sites I can run on one micro instance and 1 RDS.