Using Magento Commerce as an affiliate site.

Using Magento Commerce as an affiliate site.

I am now running 3 Sites with Magento. Two are Traditional Shopping cart sites, but the my newest one had to be an affiliate style site.

What I mean by an affiliate site is that when you click on the buy it now button you are taken to a 3rd party website to complete the sale. Magento does not do this out of the box, it took a long sleepless night for me to figure out how to do this. Not too many people are willing to share how they did this either. I have to thank for their help.

I will be releasing the template that I created to do this very soon. I need to test it some more and finish building my new site.

Please Leave a comment if you are interested in this template.

37 thoughts on “Using Magento Commerce as an affiliate site.

  1. Just to say I’m looking for exactly the same thing so just an encourage to let you know that this template is wanted and needed.

  2. I’ve been scouring Magento Connect for a solution and it looks like I’ve found it.

    Can’t wait till you release the code and instructions on how to set this up.

    Much appreciated

  3. I am equally interested in helping to create this code. I would, in fact, like to have some products purchasable from myself while others would be affiliate links.

  4. Hello Dan
    This is just what i’m looking for,
    Could you please let me know when it’s up a running and where i can get it from.
    Great work

  5. I am software developer and I have been trying to set up something similar and have been trying to decide what software to use. I would be interested in your solution as well as helping to enhance or provide development assistance.

  6. Dan, give me a shout. I want to discuss some more changes I have made and also want to discuss your template you are creating.

  7. Hi Dan, i am coming around since i want to integrate affiliate, too.

    my plan so far: having affiliate and own products in one shop. this way the shop merely becomes kind of product search database.
    product with deeplink show no basket but “shop now” link which leads to affiliate partnershop. each klick needs to be counted.
    products without deeplink can be taken to basket normally magento way.

    i would appreciate your templates as a basis to start off.

    thanks for contributing

  8. Hi Dan, did you get round to publishing the code for magento and aff linking?

    Would be interested in having a look-see ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Thanks for the Comment, I do want to work on this, but i have other pressing things on my plate. I Can get you someone if your really serious about it.

  10. through advice in internet marketing i boost sales for my customers and also started specializing in Magento and how to set up Affiliate marketing in it. With your template i could easily make my own affiliate shop! If your are willing to share it with me, i would be gratefull.

  11. Hi Dan,

    I’m really serious in trying to transform Magento into an affiliate datafeed site. Could you please get someone for me as it’s really something I’m trying to accomplish before the year is out.

    1. nope, I never did, Magento updates were faster than I could move. I have been thinking about looking at it again, but I have 1000 other projects I am working on. You can see the site in action at

  12. Hi.

    How did you changed BUY NOW button with the external affiliate link?

    That is actually all Iยดm been wondering.



  13. Hi

    Who did you get to modify the site to do that?

    Maybe gonna hire someone to customize a template I have to do the same thing.

    Thinking about asking someone on renta-coder or elance any suggestions?


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