Total Beginner- Android Programming. Part 3

So I have been diving thru all the java books and online videos I can find. The one thing I seem to find it that alot of books focus on getting you to start writing code and alot of the code you just don’t understand fully (Well at least I didn’t). They really don’t explain what and how things are working. I started looking more at Java text books and that really spent too much time on theory and high level coding ideas. I watched some great Videos on line, but they started with test driven development, but I really needed the basics in simple to understand english.

What I needed is a ground up java class in a book. What I stumbled upon was Head First Java, 2nd Edition. After just a few days I am about half way thru this book. It is the first programming book that you can actually read. You don’t have to read it next to a computer.

The book teaches you the basics and the meaning behind them, it challenges you with different learning styles. The code that is in the book is easy to read and are fun relevant things you might want to try. No boring hello world, how about creating a battleship game? I will be working on Android code soon at this rate.

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