In continuing my Android Programming saga.

On 6/10/2009
I started doing some of the samples on the Android Dev site. At first it was pretty easy, but soon the instructions starting using terms that I didn’t understand. It was now time go back to where I should have started and learn Java. I was soon following some beginner tutorial videos, but found the Videos really skipped the Meaning of certain terms and ideas. I needed a book. Tho I am generally not a fan of the For Dummies books, the Java for Dummies (4th ed) really helped clear up some confusion I was having. I was now able to read some of the more complex examples.

I am still working at learning Java. I am working thur the book and online videos. I am also reading an Android book, but all the concepts don’t make sense yet.

I am getting there, it is a piece of cake……mmmmmmm I want some cake now,