The Web Site Overhaul Project Next – Moving to a new server.

I currently own 11 domain names. Out of that only one is actually working right now and the others are future projects or past projects that never finished. I have finally decided that I have to do something with these sites. Many of the sites are incomplete due to lack of knowledge and time to be able to complete what is/was necessary. I have one major project in the pipeline. One that I believe in so much that I am not taking a chance. I have eliminated my time/knowledge constraints by paying/outsourcing the work to someone that has the knowledge.

To get ready for this new project I have initiated a massive overhaul of all my web properties. I have my project outline below

Web Site Overhaul Project
Overview: The goals of this project is to do the following:
• Move to a more reliable server
• Have unused domains generate some type of revenue while the overhaul is in progress
• Unify the platforms that the sites Operate on(CMS)
• Build out the 2 main sites.
• Learn and Test new CMS, plugins, and other tools.
• Improve SEO of the main sites
• Build out the secondary (unused) domains.
• Improve SEO of the secondary domains

Next – Moving to a new server.