Alfa spent a lot of money building the 4C.  And in turn they are going to charge you a lot of money for the privilege of owning one.

In the US the first 500 will cost over $70,000.  Why the high price for a stripped out go kart?
First is the name this is the first car with the Alfa name to be sold in the USA for ages.
Second is this car is carbon fiber and it costs a lot to make.
Third. It looks great.

But I feel in typical Italian fashion they missed something in the engineering department.  They used exotic materials,  cut out all non essential items (like power steering) and made it really small with no trunk storage space and still the car will weigh in over 2500lbs for the us market.

2500lbs is light for a modern car. But the 2015 Mazda Miata mx5 will weight under 2300lbs and not be made of exotic carbon fiber.
As a result you will probably be able to buy 3 MX-5s for the price of an Alfa.
Not to mention the Alfa will be


expensive to insure.
I have yet to drive both of these cars (the mx-5 is not out yet) but I am pretty sure my opinion will stay the same once I do.
For 70 grand there are a lot of other cars I would want to own. Porsche cayman. Even at the 55 grand entry point to come later. I will would rather live with a bmw m235 or buy 2 mx-5s.

But come ask me I get to drive it.