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My Internet Adventure – Feeds and site design.

My Internet Adventure – Feeds and site design.

I am still working out all the kinks in getting my internet adventure up and running at full speed.

I got FeedBurner up and running on and you can get my feed here. To my surprise I received quite a few subscribers within the day.

I also spent some time getting looking respectable. There is really no content there right now and I suspect that it will be pretty blank for a little while.

I am getting my focused CPA / Affiliate site up and running. I recorded a screencast on setting up the site. I spent some time getting Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools setup for the site as well. I also signed up with my first CPA company.

Unfortunately, I have ton of papers to write for my classes, so everything is on hold for a few days. Enjoy.

Google Page Rank and Sponsored posts

Google Page Rank and Sponsored posts

While there has been talk about Google going after paid links, but it was thought they were not going after blogs. Unless it is just a temporary glitch, I can attest to the fact that they are going after blogs.

This site has had a Google PR of 3 for over a year. 2 weeks ago I added a couple of sponsored posts. Tonight my page rank is now 0

Managing multiple blogs and a Full time job.

Managing multiple blogs and a Full time job.

My Goals for this site have changed once again. I now own blogs on other sites that are specific to certain topics. I know that my other blogs will take up all the free writing time that I have. That will leave me with no time to write for this site.

What will become of Well it will stay exactly where it is and how it is. I will only be putting things on here that do not fit my other blogs, so I would image that my postings will drop off to two to four posts a month.

I find it really hard for me to put this blog on the back burner, mainly cause it gives me endless freedom to write about what I want and It is the highest ranking blog that I work on right now(my other blogs are brand new).

What will my posts be about in the future? If I were to guess it would still be about my life, but alos the work I am doing on my other blogs.