I don’t know when I maybe the full jump but 5~7 years ago I switched from Firefox to Chrome.  I am die hard google fan boy if you will, I love chrome and it’s integration with the apps and services that I use the most.  Lately I have been getting quite a few crashes with Chrome, and overall slowness in browsing the web and video.  I thought is was my internet connection or router and went down that path to resolving some of my issues.

I came was watching a recent episode of TekThing   I think it was episode 15 where they talk about making the switch back to Firefox.  Over the past few weeks /months  I have be trying out FF every now and then.

Where I really noticed the difference was with my lower end machines where I want to stream video.  I am a huge fan of Auto Racing and I love Motor Trend OnDemand  channel.  I was constantly getting Frame drops in chrome watching it full screen on my 1080p TV.  so I though what the hell and tried Firefox.  The videos were playing as smooth as butter.

Today on my main PC Chrome crashed again I am now going full speed in to using only FF.

It is simple to import everything over and get started.  So far it feels snappier and I am really liking the change.