The body’s response system is amazing. In the presence of a stressor the body automatically starts to respond to that stressor enabling you to be able to deal with the stressor. The response most recognized for it’s life saving ability is the Fight or Flight response. Your body acts quickly to make sure you can fight off the stressor or run from it. It does this by increasing blood to the brain and muscles while decreasing blood to the skin. It feed more energy to the muscles and tell other perts of you body to not to work so hard. I was recently in a convenient store that ended up getting robbed. The robbery was over in only 3 mins, but when it was over I was breathing hard, sweating and shaking. This was do to my body’s fight or flight response.

The GAS is made up of the Alarm phase, the resistance phase and the Exhaustion phase. In the alarm phase your body releases adrenalin, muscle tension, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Next is the resistance phase. Your body directs the stress to a specific organ most capable of dealing with the stress. The Exhaustion stage is the disease or malfunction of the organ system and may result in death.