Microsoft has decided that it better put it’s huge investment in Skype to good use and has come to the decision that MSN messenger will be retired and all users will need to move to Skype.

While I was indifferent about the MSN messenger use, I do have issues with running Skype on PC whenever it is on.  Skype is a resource Hog, Specifically memory.  I have a pretty robust business machine (i5, 8gb ram) , but I also run several programs at a time and skype can quickly be using more ram and CPU than Outlook. This happens even when I don’t have Skype open.

The service is great, but I would never try to run it on my old netbook, They are able to get it to run on phones alright,  lets optimize for the PC now.  If BigSoft is gonna push eveyone of thier users to it, they need to make sure it won’t drown older machines.