I normally don’t concern myself over the site traffic for this blog.  mainly because this is just a random mess of my thoughts and what gets real traffic is not really related to my over theme of the site.  But just a quick overview of my traffic shows that I have lost about 35% of my traffic in the last 3 months.blog2

Lack of updates 
There is no one to blame but myself.  I have just not dedicated the time and priority to doing the updates.  I am dedicating myself in 2014 to update my sites and add to new content regularly. I am going to have to sacrifice time elsewhere.  I now have 2 hours on a train almost everyday that I am not traveling. I will have to use this time to be more productive.

Random and off topic 
Well this site will always be my outlet for whatever I want, I do have a feeling it will soon fall into more of a business and entrepreneurship track.  My other sites I am working on a better plan for.  (Related Post: Getting More Done by doing less)

I am hopefully past the downtime problems I have had in the past.  I am up and running on my new host and besides a slight configuration error, things are working swimmingly.  I also plan to move some of my more crucial sites to their own droplets so one site’s traffic (or bug) doesnt take them all down.