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Updated 6/18:

As of 6/11/2012 8pm PST : I have only owned this Sleek Ultrabook for a few hours.  This post will be updated as I go and uses this machine.


  • FAST. I have a Desktop with an SSD, this still blows that out of the water
  • Sexy,  It looks really cool
  • Thin and Light.
  • Doesn’t get hot
  • Quiet (no fan or HDD sound)
  • Loud speakers (but tinny sound)
  • Super fast start up
  • USB Power even when off (you must turn this on)
  • Small and light power supply
  • USB 3. data transfer to 5400 rpm Sata HD  was 200 Mb/sec


  • Speakers sound “tinny” but they are loud.
  • Power brick gets hot
  • Body and keyboard shows smudges
  • Left clicking the trackpad is a little wonky
  • Not a problem for me but the keyboard keys have a very short throw.
  • HDMI to VGA adaptor is not included and is expensive $50.
  • SD data transfer speeds:  From SD car to internal SSD was max about 19 MB per sec
  • SD transfer to external USB3 hard drive about 9 MB per sec.