Samsung Series 9 15 inch ultrabook – Bloatware removal

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The downside of an Ultrabook is the small hard drive.  One of the downside of the Windows ecosystem is the OAMs can install a bunch of useless software, also known as “Bloatware”.  Samsung didn’t fill this machine up with that much bloat, but with this small of a drive, every kilobyte counts.

So the system shows that out of the 128 GB SSD that only about 89.1 GB is usable.  Of that paltry 89.1, only ~58 GB of free space. That is 31 GB for windows, apps and the bloat.

Now after system updates and Chrome install, I am down to 51.9 GB

Update: I have had to do atleast 4 Windows updates now and I am down to 50.1 GB after those updates

Update2: I am now on my 6th (I think) windows update down to 49GB

Bloat Removal

  1. Absolute Reminder
  2. Bing toolbar
    My gosh this thing is fast
  3. Amazon Kindle
  4. All 15 of the wild tangent games(took forever 5 mins)
  5. Norton online back up
  6. All Norton products for that matter.
  7. e-pop
  8. multimedia pop
  9. Samsung software launcher
  10. Windows live messenger
  11. Windows live Mail
  12. Windows live writer
  13. windows live mesh
  14. Skype, but I will add it back on my own later
With all the updates and removal all the things above i am left with 52GB free.  Now I have to add an Antivirus and update MS office, tho I might remove office as I am hardcore Google Drive/apps/docs user now.

I have left the Samsung programs installed for now, as well as I have not investigated re-partitioning the drive.  There is a 21GB recovey partition installed.  After I get some time with the machine I will look at doing a clean wipe and install of the OS,  or maybe just wait till windows 8


5 thoughts on “Samsung Series 9 15 inch ultrabook – Bloatware removal

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  3. Bobby says:

    Have you used this to remove bloatware? I am not sure how well it works, it might be useful.

    PC Decrapifier

  4. George from Tulsa says:

    This for this post. I am setting mine up as I type (on my Mac Apple facing obsolescence if Security Updates for Snow Leopard stop. er. When Security Upates for Snow Leopard stop.)

    My Samsung 9 came with a Recovery DVD.

    On that basis, I’m thinking I could delete and recapture the 21 GB recovery partition, that is, if I could

    I’ve heard good things about PD Decrapifer. But all the Bloatware on my 9 deleted from Control Panel.

    I also used Tune Up Utilities 2012 on a different PC with (as I recall) a lot more crud. But Tune Up Utilities left itself behind, and it is nagware!

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