This post will be updated as the class progresses.

My company has sent me to Chennai, India for 3 months, so being that I am stuck here my coworkers and I decided to make the best of it. Obviously things are a lot cheaper here in India. We decided to take classed on CCNA.

Cost of 30 Class Days of CCNA training: ………
More…Rs 10,000 + 10% tax = $255.00 US

About: Sans Bound Solutions Pvt. Ltd., # 6 Shriram Building, Rangarajapuram 2nd Street, Corporation Colony, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600 024. Phone: 24728471, 52134805, 52134823. email: . They offer a winning range of our highly acclaimed and successful training and educational programs focused on networking, information security and assurance services. We have assisted thousands of professionals to get certified in a variety of globally recognized and industry standard certifications. We don’t create armchair professionals; candidates trained by us will be comfortable working with complex networking and security architecture in real life environment

The Facility – To our surprise the class room was very well Air Conditioned. The seats were ok, but they are not meant for big heavy people. If you weigh more than 230 lbs I suggest you ask about making other seating arrangements

Day 1 – Class was scheduled to start at 9:30 am but didn’t start till about 10:30am. Today’s professor was not the one that was supposed to be in the class. He never introduced himself. When he first started to speak I got very worried. He had a heavy accent and spoke really fast. The I noticed that he repeats each sentence about 3 times so this gave us the opportunity to understand what he was saying.

Day 2 Class again was scheduled to start at 9:30 am but didn’t start till 10:30 am. This time the professor apologized for being late. It was a different professor than day one. His name was Rajesh, He stated that he was a CCNA and I just about to finish his CCNP. He was ok to understand. There was a part were he said that he was not sure he was right and not to “Put your hands on my collar” if he was wrong, So Indian saying I guess. He seemed pretty week when it came to wireless technologies and I didn’t agree with what his point of view of wireless. This maybe because wifi is sort of illegal here in India.