One of my main problems with running a blog has always been a lack of a plan. I really feel this is where other people fail as well.

In my defense my blog was never meant to be anything special, it was just supposed to a collection of random crap, I guess in that sense I fully accomplished my plan. Over the year my blog has grown and been useful enough that it gives me back a little pocket money every now and then. I have now decided that I need to focus my blogging a little more and Have built a plan of sorts…. maybe plan is to big of a word. It is more of an overall guideline right now that I am still tweaking.

To call my plan just blogging is a little limited, I am really out on “My Internet Adventure”!

My Internet Adventure Outline/Plan- – this site will still stay what it is for the most part. “Random crap” that doesn’t fit anywhere else and will talk about me trying to Work my plan. – (This is my umbrella company Shore Performance LLC)
– This site will get a minor make over still outlining some of the many services we offer to our clients. This site will also have a blog about business.

Affiliate Sites – I have a few domains for very specific topics. I will leverage them in to the affiliate and adsense markets. I will add the sites here once they are more complete.

Software and Aps– We have a few software add-ons and Aps that we have built. We will use these apps to drive traffic to our other sites and Shore performance.

Full Functioning Sites – I have one web store up and running already, I will add another 2 service sites(not blogs) this year.

I have set a monstrous task for my self. it will be a lot of hard work, but I believe that it will bring a lot of rewards. Please Subscribe, I have to get to work….