oDesk outsourcing your personal projects

oDesk outsourcing your personal projects

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My 9-5 job requires me to find other business=
that can do a job that my company doesn’t want to manage or doesn’t have t=
he resources to manage it.
Now that I have been working on "Getting=
things done" for my personal life, I have found the need to delegate =
some of my projects I will not have time for.
So I set out to find a per=
sonal assistant. I have used most of the freelance boards out there, but I=
really like oDesk for hourly work.
I placed a job ad and with in severa=
l minutes I have people bidding on the job.
I now have 2 personal assist=
ants. One in India and one in the Philippines that can do the things I don=
‘t have time for

One thought on “oDesk outsourcing your personal projects

  1. Daniel,
    I am working for a large BPO company in India.I would also like to help do some random work a i have adep understanding of this industry

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