I travel full time for a living and the worst thing about traveling is packing. Trying to get my entire life crammed in to two suit cases is very frustrating. I am not very good at folding and I found on the web how to make a folding machine. I took that basic idea and I think I improved on it. I also decided to record me designing and building the machine.

Dan Pereda’s “How to make a t-shirt folding machine”

The Orginal Upgraded T-shirt Folding MachineClick here for funny video clips

Supplies Needed
2 20″x30″ foam board (1 dollar each at the dollar store) or you can use scrap card board.
Heavy duty tape
Cutting device (box cutter)
Pen or Marker

Panel A is 7.5 Inches by 30 Inches (you need 2 panels A s)
Panel B is 9 Inches by 12 Inches
Panel C is 9 Inches by 18 Inches

I use foam board because I didn’t have and cardboard and the slicker surface helps.

*** Cutting devices should only be used by adults.
*** Please make sure you don’t cut or ruin what is underneath the material your cutting.

Explanation about the upgrades will come in a later post.

Please send me or post questions and comments.

Enjoy. Dan…
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