My T-shirt Folding Machine

My T-shirt Folding Machine

I travel full time for a living and the worst thing about traveling is packing. Trying to get my entire life crammed in to two suit cases is very frustrating. I am not very good at folding and I found on the web how to make a folding machine. I took that basic idea and I think I improved on it. I also decided to record me designing and building the machine.

Dan Pereda’s “How to make a t-shirt folding machine”

The Orginal Upgraded T-shirt Folding MachineClick here for funny video clips

Supplies Needed
2 20″x30″ foam board (1 dollar each at the dollar store) or you can use scrap card board.
Heavy duty tape
Cutting device (box cutter)
Pen or Marker

Panel A is 7.5 Inches by 30 Inches (you need 2 panels A s)
Panel B is 9 Inches by 12 Inches
Panel C is 9 Inches by 18 Inches

I use foam board because I didn’t have and cardboard and the slicker surface helps.

*** Cutting devices should only be used by adults.
*** Please make sure you don’t cut or ruin what is underneath the material your cutting.

Explanation about the upgrades will come in a later post.

Please send me or post questions and comments.

Enjoy. Dan…
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34 thoughts on “My T-shirt Folding Machine

  1. This is great… now I don’t need to get married anymore! I now can conquer what has plagued me for years… to master the art of t-shirt folding.

    This will work on Polo shirts as well… nice job!

  2. Nice concept, idea and development. I can visualize update 32.0 already, about the size of a RAZR in brushed aluminium and selling for $9.95…including two t-shirts with the words “I love f—ing t-shirts” at chest level and in the back “How about you?” And, of course, for the traveler who has everything, update 32.5 would have to be the 24-karat gold-plated version. I think you have the germ of a multi-billion dollar business here, Dan. I’m impressed. Go get’em!

  3. 2 things..1 you better patent that idea…2 you need upgrade 3.0..the shirt sleeve needs to fit much manual work for a guy like me!

  4. Instead of folding the sleeve over manually, just fold that side over again.

    I’m making one for my son! Maybe now he will fold his own laundry instead of rolling shirts into a ball and stuffing them into the closet. You know how kids and gadgets are! ;o)

    I’ve seen these in the retail shops for the staff to use…just never thought about making one of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice. Just nice. All single men must be happy w/your folding-machine. Thanks for myself and all others. GBY (God bless you). RC

  6. I think you can fold pants with the machine provided. I will work on it and upload a new video. As for fitted sheets I think we are all out of luck. I suggest that you try your best and hind them in the back of the closet.

  7. thanks for the video. My sister in law told me about this and how it makes her closet much neater.
    I’m off to make one now.

  8. I know this an old article but still want to compliment you. This tool is $5 project, where as they are being sold for $30 and more. Just because their’s is plastic doesn’t make it any more better than your idea. Quick question…..Did you just split “C” in half?

  9. Thanks for the video! i used to ball up my shirts like most of my friends, but now that i made my own folding machine, i can finally have clothe wrinkle-free…

    yay for using old boxes and my own roll of ductape!

  10. This is great. I was looking at the Flip Fold devices for a while but was never willing to pay the $19 + S&H and taxes a piece of plastic. I was so happy when I came across your video. I used some old, slick thin boards and taped it together with clear packing tape. It works like a dream. I use it on t-shirts, polo shirts, button down shirts, long-sleeved shirts, etc. This is a must for everyone who likes neatly folded shirts but doesn’t like the hassle of doing it manually!

  11. Do me/yourself/all of us a favor and edit the beginning of your video. I’m sure you meant to say “starring” but you said “staring”.
    I hung in there and ended up enjoying the whole thing, because a friend had posted it on FB. But if I had just found it on my own, I probably would have moved on to something else after the really bad impression that made right at the beginning.

  12. Hi Dan!

    Can you please give some details regarding soundtrack? I am half deaf but this one is really interesting.


  13. Hi Dan

    Thx it works great… some of your inches to cm conversion are off(in the vid)but other than that it was pretty cool. I glued some anti-stick mat sections onto the parts that were slipping and it helped a lot. Maybe you could use this in the next version? Also putting holes in it helps with the grip:)


  14. Hi Dan.

    Thanks for doing the hard part (design) and creating an easy to follow video. I made one but am interested in your modification measurements. There was no follow up video or info I’m aware of.

    It looks like ever piece (both A’s and C) you just cut in half.. Is that correct?


    P.S. Fe

  15. hi creative genious..i think we can add some more pannels for sleeves ..cant we?
    thumbs up for ideas&vedio..congratsn keep posting

    do you have any ideas for a compact backpack?

  16. Thank you for showing me how to make my own T-Shirt folder. I almost purchased one today and then came across your site. Thank you for sharing. If you ever get to Albany NY, I would love to shake your hand for this wonderful saving and I may just buy you a beverage as a way to show my gratitude. Keep the ideas coming

    1. I made this, but I changed up a few things. I fold shirts on the top of my dryer, and the original machine wouldn’t fit there (29″ x 19.5″). Also, i decided to make it out of corplast (like corrugated cardboard, but plastic) for durability and because I didn’t have any cardboard around that was the right size, and I felt that foamcore would be too flimsy. So I made my two As (sides) 7.5″ x 18″, C (shirt center top) was 9″x 12″, and B (shirt center bottom) was 9″ x 6″. However, the ends of the shirts hanging over the edge of the dryer were too long to fold nicely. So I added 3 hinged D pieces at the bottom of the As and B. That means that the folder also covers the front panel of the dryer, above the dryer door, so that I just pick up the left D and right D to fold to the center, which is easier than picking up the corner of the t-shirt as I was doing at first. It all folds down to tuck nicely between my washer and dryer. I’m afraid it may end up going with my kid to college, though.

  17. Please do an explanation blog about the upgraded t shirt folder. I found you’re video on YouTube.
    I just started working at my college bookstore. My job today was to resold all the t shirts and make them look nice. I can absolutely NOT fold a t shirt in that style to save my life. Work was horrible today, but then guess what!! I came across your video!! Thank goodness I swear! Plus what makes it even better is your video is an UPGRADED t shirt folder which is soooo incredibly great because we have t shirts up to 4 XL which is so super hard to fold correctly. So you basically just saved my life… But I need an blog explanation to make sure everything is absolutely correct before I try to make it at work and it’s no good… I would have wasted my time.. So please please do an explanation for me!!

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