Most of my post get started on Saturday afternoon at a Panera Bread. This normally cause It is the only free time i have or I dont want to do anything I am supposed to be doing. I dont always finish and post on Saturdays, but it is the day i start thinking about my posts. I dont know why i always go to Panera. their food is good but not great, i guess i just feel comfortable here next to their fireplace.

I have been reading a lot on Business start-ups. I am sure I want to start my own business, but I am not sure what. I have owned my own business in the past and that turned out not to be as profitable as I had hoped. I learned ALOT from that venture, but I will tell you I am less of a risk taker now. I am really looking for a business that is a sure thing. My last business was a New idea and I spent most of my time and money trying to educate people about it. I dont want to do that again. I want something that people already have a need for and know about. I currently do not have a ton of money to invest and I currently travel full time, so looking for the right business is going to be a long and hard process.

I have always shied away from an online or tech business, but I have been reading about some simple ideas that are not earth shattering or ground breaking, but are making million dollar revenues. i am working at learning Ruby and ajax and I am gonna try to copy some of these successful web ventures. I view it as a win win, If I am successful i will make some money, if I am not i will have learned a new skill and can showcase my talents by the web sites that i have built.