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I have been drooling over a new laptop for almost 2 years now.  Ever since my screen broke on my Acer 5610z.  I have alsways had a work laptop to hold me over, so I was waiting till I found something I really liked.  I knew i wanted something thin, light and powerful.  I bought  a 13″ Mac Book Air about 6 months ago and promtly returned it 3 days later.  It was sexy machine, but not up be a real work horse.  I almost bought the HP folio 13 about 5 times, but I waited.

When I saw this Samsung Series 9 NP900X4B sitting in Best Buy today, It had everything I was looking for and I jumped on it.  WOW it is fast, thin and light  ohhh and it is a sexy piece of hardware.

Update:  I have had to do 4 system updates now.

More reviews to come as I get more time with it.  First step removing the bloatware.