Finding a Home
It took me a while to seek out the best hosting plan. I ended up just going with my first choice. I am not here to say who the best host is, but I choose some one with very recognizable name, over great amounts of storage at a medium price point. I found everything that I was looking for in their Business package. It took a while to get set up but everything had been smooth sailing from there.

Making the Move
The Move has been pretty easy since this site ( is the only working site. The other 10 sites were pretty easy to move. I simply logged in to my registrar and pointed my domains to my new name servers. I logged in to my new server and set up all the directories the domains will go to.

There is one site that is going to hard to move and that is this site. is still on the old (slow) server. There are a lot of issues with this site and I am still contemplating all the changes to be made. I will update this post as I make the changes and move the site. My plans are to set up the blogging/cms system on the new server. Add all the plug-ins to the new system and test out some new plug-ins. I will also probably change the theme and the logo. I will then copy all the content from this site. I will test the new site. Then change the name servers with my registrar. Once all the DNS tables have propagated I will cancel the hosting with this provider.

NEXT – Have unused domains generate some type of revenue