In some of my previous posts I talk about how I have moved this site and my others to and from several Hosts.

My site started with GoDaddy then moved to 1and1 and was with 1and1 for many years till my site really stated to slowdown there.

I moved some of my sites back to godaddy they were ok for a while too then things stated to get slow there too.

I eventually bit the bullet and went with an Amazon EC2 and RDS.  the cost was much higher than I had been paying with Godaddy or 1and1 but my hope was that it was going to be fast and stable.  On the EC2 it was fast but soon I was having to restart my instance once a day to be stable.  Keep in mind, I run about 10 low traffic sites . The EC2 and RDS on Amazon I thought would run me about $30 a month, but lately my costs have been skyrocketing to $70+ a month.  Most of which are from I/O costs.

So I have made the move to DigitalOcean for an amazing price of $5 per month.  I may have to move up to their $10 a month plan once all my sites are moved over.

The server is amazingly fast and now I will test how reliable I find them.