I just spent the last few hours playing with what I hoped to be an impressive, macbook pro retina display.

I am not an apple fan boy, but I admit that their hardware has been impressive and I was excited about the retina display. When i got me grubby hands on it, i was expecting to be WOWed by the display, but doing normal everyday tasks, I really couldn’t notice it.  I fired up a standard macbook pro and compared them side by side.  only if I was inches away from the screen could I really see any difference.

Looking at the size,  The difference in thickness is not much of a change either.  A couple of times I pickup the wrong machine thinking it was the other one.  I had to look at the side to see if it had a rom drive to tell which one I had just picked up.

For $2200 i cannot see paying for something your not going to notice,  The only reason to get the new pro is if you want the SSD,  then it makes since as the base MB pro with ssd option is more expensive than the Retina one (Come on Apple, $2300 for the base with the same ssd?)

I am not sure who this new MB is for, except the people that just have to have the latest and greatest from Apple (and that is alot of people).  If you are a pro(something) working for long hours and needing a high res display,  you are going to be attaching a large external monitor or 2 and won’t even be using the built in display or even care about how much it weighs.

I am sure they will sell alot of them…I hope this helps you