I recently picked up my life and moved across the country to Silicon Valley. Since I still have my house and all my bills in NJ I have tried to avoid paying for Cable TV here. I have been Living on Netflix, Boxee and OTA HD tv signals. Watching it all on my 22″ Computer monitor. It was fine for a while then I got really really frustrated with the small screen as my TV and my Main PC.

My next step was to buy a cheap ebay projector. My goal was simple, I was not worried about less that ideal resolution as long as I could have a giant screen. at first the projector and large screen was great. The lay out of my little studio apartment made it so I only had 2 options, To have a huge huge screen(+100 in), or a medium (40″ screen) . Being a Guy I went huge. I soon came to realize that my apartment was to small to support the huge screen. I had to sit so close to the screen it was like sitting front row at an Imax. I had turn my head to see the start menu or the exit button. This soon became a pain in the neck(literly) I rearranged my apartment so I could do the smaller set-up and this was fine for a month or so, but my penny pinching on a cheap projector was going to bite me in the ass.

The Cheap Projector i had pickup and thought was a bargin had now turned in to a nightmare.  The new projector position brought the roaring fans much closer to me.   Soon the picture started to get fuzzy at one edge, the fans running all the time had sucked dust on to the interal LCD. Hitting it with canned air helped a little.  The next problem was that the heat from the lamps has started discolor the lense or LCD in the center of the picture resulting in a brown hue in the center of the screen.

I have had enough,  it was time to find a proper TV.  I went shopping.  At Fry’s I fell in love with Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 3D LED HDTV and told the sales guy to wrap it up I am taking it. He went to get the one left in stock from the back only to find it was damaged. I left disappointed.

The next day I went to Costco with a few friends to look at TVs, for some reason a 55″ tv seemed really big there. I started looking at TV’s 46-55, with LED and 3D. I soon found a hell of a deal on
Sony BRAVIA KDL46NX810 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D-Ready LED HDTV at Amazon.

The TV is on the way and Now it is time to get serious with my HTPC.