If you don’t know who Ken Block is you probably won’t find this post on the internet, so it makes no difference, He is a world wide internet sensation for his stunt driving, 2 time US Rally Champion and an overall Smart /Rich guy as one of the founders of DCshoes.

This year Ken is moving up in the world of professional motorsports with a full time ride in the WRC (World Rally Championships). In this move he is changing from his trademark Subaru to a Ford and this is where his faithful following seem to have a misguided attachment to Subaru.

One glance of Ken’s blog or facebook page and you will see hundreds of comments from followers that are distraught over the divorce of Ken and Subaru. A good portion of the comments blame Ken for the break up calling him a “sell out” and threatening to boycott his sponsors.

What these faithful fans have failed to realized is that it is Subaru that cheated on Ken, hell they have cheated on all us Rally and Subaru fans by pulling out the sport that made them the company they are today. I firmly believe that Subaru would not be around today if it were not for their involvement in the WRC. Subaru once dominated the WRC to a point where video game companies started to make the Subaru WRX a star attraction in their games. Once these kids got Licenses all they wanted was the real life WRX. Soon WRC fans, game boys and other fan boys flocked to showrooms to buy the cars that were developed,built and proven winners on the worlds toughest rally stages.

Subaru had effectively built a Loyal fan base that it turned in to customers, but now it has abandoned those original fans and left them broken hearted and angry. When relationships fail, it is sometimes hard to see it is the thing that you love that is causing all the pain and people look for other things to blame. In this case Ken is on the receiving end of that blame. Time heals all wounds and soon fans will realized that Subaru is the source of their pain and will soon back a new manufacture that supports their passion and excitement for motorsports. Best of luck to Ken and Ford.