After loosing some money in some low/micro stakes cash games and a few MTTs I was getting a little upset. I didn’t really think that these guys were better than me. I did some more searching, reading and trial and error and figured out some of my issues.

First, I think you have to establish your goals. What do you want out of poker? When I started I don’t think I could have answered that question.
Do you just want to play for fun and entertainment? If so, that is fine. Learn the basics and then go gambling. Treat it just like any casino game, over the long run you are going loose. Just remember you are just having fun.
Do you want to learn the game and gain experience with the least risk?
Do you want to become a Poker pro and do this for a living?

My goal right now is to learn and improve my game while staying break even and not risking too much. The best way to gain experience is to play.
Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) give you the most hands for the lowest amount of money. $1 MTT can get you 200 hands of play or more. The problem with MTTs is that as a beginner, it is going to be tough to finish in the money (Cash). Your gonna have alot of losses before you win most likely.
Sit n’ gos are like mini tournaments. Typically they have 9 to 90 players compared to a MTT that has thousands of players. In an SNG you are more likely to make the money, but you will not see as many hands as a MTT for the same buy-in. The other thing about SNGs is that they require a different style of play. In the beginning you play really tight, later on you switch gears and are really aggressive and some times pushing your whole stack in every hand.
Cash Games are the most expensive to play. Each hand is going to cost you money. I don’t play cash very much any more because of this.

I found that I play a mix of MTTs and SNGs. My ego can’t handle the long droughts between MTTs wins so it helps me to play both. I really only play Cash games in AC now.

If you want to become a poker Pro, your gonna have to learn someone else. You have to truly dedicated and commit a ton of time. Good players are playing 20 hours a day online playing up to 16 tables at a time. Poker is still fun for me, I don’t want to turn it in to a job….Yet.