I took a serious interest in poker a few months ago. This does not mean I just found out about poker. I can remember playing poker with my grandmother when I was 5. It was 5 and 7 card Poker. My family would have monthly Poker games and get togethers, but after my grandmother past away we never seemed to get together anymore and the games were lost.

On a recent trip to Atlantic City (AC), my brother in law really wanted to play poker in a casino. It was a little to imitating to just sit down without an understanding of hold’em in a casino worked. When I got home that night I statred reading about Poker in a casino.

A month later and I was back in AC for some fun and my buddy had played in a casino before. I soon found my self at a $1/$2 NL table in Harra’s. I would have loved to tell you that I kicked everyone but, I sat down with $100 dollars and 3.5 hours later stood up broke, but with a new feel for the game. I had few good hands and won a couple of pots, but there were some super aggressive players at the table that I really didn’t know how to handle. I also was not sure of my bet sizing, but looking back they were to small.

I came home and started reading up more on how to play poker, Hold’em, Cash games, and Tournaments. I soon opened an online poker account on Full Tilt and began testing what I had learned.

More to Come