Starting the Plan

I am working back in my home office again full time ( except for my offshore site visits) and a few things have changed for me that complicate my home office setup.  I need to clean up and organize.

My Current Inventory

My Computers : Desktop machine, my 15-Inch Ultrabook, and 2 x 22in monitors

Phones: I currently have 4 SIP lines ,1 Home VOIP line,  a cell phone, and Skype

Printer: HP Color LaserJet 2600n

Problem 1: Desk Space:  I need more Desk sapce. With 2 monitors, a phone, speakers, keyboard, mouse and laptop, I have no room for paper or things I am working on.

Problem 2: Multi-monitor support for my Laptop,  I only have HDMI out.

Problem 3: I need to do work on my desktop and my laptop,  how do I manage this?

Problem 4: WIRES!  I need some cable management.

Problem 5: Storage and NAS. This is a big issue for me right now.  I have data in so many places,  I have videos and photos, my entertainment media.

Problem 6: Power filtering and Surge protection

Problem 7: Workflow,  Need to better orginize how things (paper, bills, work items) come in to the office and get sorted

Problem 8: Clutter: This office is also home to other functions and non essential items need to be removed.