So yesterday, I got my official invite to the Google Wave “PREVIEW” they are not calling it beta.

Wave is very cool and overall I really like it, It is in Preview so it is a little buggy still and the public waves are a little hard to manage.
The real time communication is amazing. I was leaving my feedback about iRacing and while I was still writing someone else was responding to be.
I think for the luddites to leave email behind will take some time, but Wave is the future.

I have also been building a FreeSwitch Conference Bridge using RackSpace cloud. So far it is flawless but I have only a few callers on it a time. Later today is a big test, hopefully it passes.

On top of that I have traveled to Newfoundland, started a new job, visited some new clients, travel some more for the new job, taking 2 classes, trying to buy a car, went to Salem, MA, and still have time to do the honey do list for the wife…… ahhhhhhhh…