IMG_20151103_092836Today I had my first commute with the new service.

630 am – 1040am Battery down to 47%. Not great it is about the same with my 2yo note 3.

Youtube streaming the whole train ride (train delayed)

Streaming Music during walk to the office and in the shower

800 MB of data used 🙁 according tot he phone  but only .04gb of data on Google Fi That is only 40 MB.  WOW! (maybe this is delayed. I will wait and see)update I did use 800 mb it was a delay in the First dashboard

I still hit some of my dead spots and there were good chunks of the tunnel that were dead  but I was able to atleast get 3g for about 50% of the tunnel.


Testing the Camera –  I took both these photos while I was moving. I do not stop!  Both are taking photos of mixed lighting conditions. The software image stabilization is amazing.  the bottom image looks fuzzy at first but if you zoom in, it is really clear, it is more of the haze that is in the air over NYC.IMG_20151103_092916