This is Part 2, you can read more here.
Part 1: GM 6.5L Diesel Stalling, now Won’t start.
Part 3: GM 6.5L Diesel Won’t start Again

I order a remote mount PMD from Pensacola Diesel for $279 to try and fix the problem.
The new PMD came with a 6′ extension cable, Resistor, Heatsink, zip ties and the new PMD.

The 6′ cable is the key to making this a 10 min fix on the truck.   I left the old PMD in place and simply disconnected the harness cable (the hardest part) and Plugged it in to the new harness extension. I ran the new cable down to the bumper (making sure that it clears all moving or hot parts).  I dropped in the resistor, bolted the new heat sink/PMD to the bumper, and plugged in the harness. I then turned the key and it fired right up.  I have put about 100 miles on the new PMD and have no problems yet.

Took about 10 mins total.

I hope to write a new post soon with pictures and more details.

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