This is Part 1, you can read more here.
Part 2: GM 6.5L Diesel Stalling, Won’t start. – Now FIXED in 10mins
Part 3: GM 6.5L Diesel Won’t start Again

One of my Vehicles Currently in my stable is a 1994 GMC 2500 6.5l Turbo Diesel.  It has about 300,000 miles on it.  The truck is on loan to be from my father, (Thanks Dad).

A few weeks ago it started stalling right after start up.  After starting and stalling a few times it would run fine.
Last week it started stalling while I was driving
This weekend it would not start.

I went to google what could be wrong. What did I find?
Basically the GM 6.5l Diesel has this issue with stalling.  It can be one of several issues, but it is most likely the PMD (Pump Mounted Driver).

The Lift Pump is working and I am getting fuel out of the T fitting. So I placed my order for a new PMD and relocation Kit.  it should come in this weekend and I should get the truck running.  I will share how things work out.

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