This is Part 3 you can catch up.
Part 1: GM 6.5L Diesel Stalling, now Won’t start.
Part 2: GM 6.5L Diesel Stalling, Won’t start. – Now FIXED in 10mins

I fixed the won’t start issue months ago and the truck was running fine. Now I go out to start it up and it won’t start. I can hear the lift pump running, but it sounds diffrent and runs for longer than normal.

I figured with over 300,000 miles I should replace the lift pump anyway. The local parts place had it in stock for about $50, but I am still not sure what is wrong.

I wait till the weekend and try the truck again. it starts for a second, but then dies. I also don’t hear the lift pump anymore.

I install the new lift pump, and after a few times bleeding the fuel system the truck fires right up. Runs great.

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