focusI like hobbies,  I like everything really. I dream that I could hook up to the Matrix and download whatever I needed straight to my brain. I may have a little Attention Deficiency.  I have TONS of ideas that I want to try.  I have no time or extra money to do them.

In my younger days I tried to do all the hobbies that interested me, I got nothing done and I had a ton of unfinished projects (I did became a pretty good skier).  About 6 or 7 years ago my “willing to try new things” got me bit by the Auto Racing bug.  All I knew was that I wanted to go auto racing, but it is expensive and all consuming hobby and I took a really long look at my priorities. I decided that all my other hobbies had to go if I wanted to go racing. Within just a short while (minus a job/finical bump) I had built a race car and got my license. BAM! Racecar driver. (Note I have taken the last year off from racing to buy a 2nd house, but 2014 I am going back to racing)

My business  ideas and hunger is much the same as my hobbies.  I have decided that the only way I am going to make alot of progress on the business is to cut it to the core and focus.  In 2014 I am putting my effort into and  I am going to be making a time and finical investments in these sites to make them successful.