Getting Acer Launch manager to work with Windows 7, laptop Volume buttons.

I recently upgraded my Acer Aspire 5610z to Windows 7 32 bit. Everything worked great except the volume buttons along the side and the quick launch button along the top on of the computer.

I know I need the the Launch Manager program from Acer so I downloaded here (Acer Launch Manager)
I Unzipped the file and ran setup, but the volume and quick launch buttons still didn’t work.

I Quickly found a solution that is detailed below:
1. Download the Launch Manager from Acer’s website. (Acer Launch Manager)
2. Extract the file:

Launch Manager

Launch Manager3. Open the extracted folders until you can see the setup.exe file.
4. Right click on the setup.exe file a choose properties.
5. Under Properties choose Compatibility:

6. Under that tab set the following:

7. Click OK
8. Double click on setup.exe and follow the on screen prompts.
9. Restart your computer.