Getting Acer Launch manager to work with Windows 7, laptop Volume buttons

Getting Acer Launch manager to work with Windows 7, laptop Volume buttons.

I recently upgraded my Acer Aspire 5610z to Windows 7 32 bit. Everything worked great except the volume buttons along the side and the quick launch button along the top on of the computer.

I know I need the the Launch Manager program from Acer so I downloaded here (Acer Launch Manager)
I Unzipped the file and ran setup, but the volume and quick launch buttons still didn’t work.

I Quickly found a solution that is detailed below:
1. Download the Launch Manager from Acer’s website. (Acer Launch Manager)
2. Extract the file:

Launch Manager

Launch Manager3. Open the extracted folders until you can see the setup.exe file.
4. Right click on the setup.exe file a choose properties.
5. Under Properties choose Compatibility:

6. Under that tab set the following:

7. Click OK
8. Double click on setup.exe and follow the on screen prompts.
9. Restart your computer.

38 thoughts on “Getting Acer Launch manager to work with Windows 7, laptop Volume buttons

  1. Barreto says:

    Thank you my volume buttons work perfectly again, but i stiil have a problem whith the Empowering Technology button, i don’t know what to do

  2. zbysogi says:

    how to make to work empowering button and other below it??

    i made it once and i forgot how to do it again. But i remember that when buttons left to the keyboard worked… volume buttons didnt.

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  4. Mykal says:

    Finally my volume buttons work, I have been searching for a fix for this over a year.

    For persons having problem with the EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGY in WIN 7, Download the vista compatible version for your platform from Acer support and run the setup in compatibility mode for vista SP1, Install, reboot and you will be good to go, thats what i did and now the entire media bar works perfectly.


  5. KLEBESTIFT says:

    Works well enough on an old C110, enables the tricky software wireless on/off button again and the program hot keys, hooray!

  6. ken says:

    please help..
    i got a acer aspire 3750G windows 7 ultimate

    needed launch manager
    i hav download launch manager3.0
    but i cant on my wifi using Fn+f3
    PLEASE HELPppppp

  7. roy says:

    it didnt work on my acer aspire 6920G , windows 7…
    i still have problems with volume buttons on the left..and with empowering technology

  8. toby says:

    im pretty sure if you install all the right drivers, (graphics for brightness buttons, and sound for volume buttons) then they work anyway? It did for me… and i dont have the launch manager installed…

  9. Konstantin says:

    Several programmers worked under volume visualization. No any result. I found your advice, made according to your instruction all steps and miracle – it really works. Thank you a lot!!!

  10. Tom says:

    that was the solution of my problem too!
    those settings also helped with troubles of other programms!

    i like this kind of “anyone helping anyone”

    thanks a lot, greets from AUSTRIA!!!

  11. Dave says:

    Images are not working for me, and the guide was written with 100% dependency on the images. Not a good idea for when your WordPress folders get cleaned out! Here’s your login page for the back-end of this site, also not a good idea to have visible to the public.

    Tip: Use a whitelist in your .htaccess files so people cannot access your login page.

  12. adam cleverley says:

    Windows key + P not good enough for you? so you install a crap program to do something thats already built into windows

  13. Jo says:

    Been looking for a solution for a while after the volume buttons stopped working after installing Windows 7. Over wrote the other Launch manager and Bingo! worked again, Thank you for sharing your solution!

  14. Lou says:


    Everything is working well except for the Function key + F3. It doesn’t show it like it used to before. I already installed as instructed in this article but it still didn’t work with Fn + F3. 🙁 What should I do next? I just want to have the launch manager back the way it used to.



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