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I agree that there is a problem with F1. I live in the USA and I record most of the races and watch them later in the day. I fully admit that I have started to fast forward though a lot of the race. I also ask my self why?

Well I think Michael Schumacher has alot to do with it. Ferrari and Schumacher have dominated F1 for so long, that it has become an institution and frankly many of the races were Boring, but we watched in amazement to see if they could continue their streak. If Schumacher was not winning then he was a threat and made it interesting, and if he was out of the race we got a surprise winner in the end. In the past, every race was a win win for lot of fans. If Schumacher won, we were amazed that he did it again, if he lost it was a surprise and we still enjoyed the race.

Now, even though this has been an exciting year with many different lead changes, every time I press play I am pretty much set to watch Ferrari or Mclaren run away with a win. The victories by Ferrari or Mclaren are so much, that it is not fun to watch. Even with BMW catching up. For me it seems like it is just a 2 team race anymore and none of the drivers excite me. I don’t have anyone to root for.

The lack of any real driver interviews about what happened during the race also leave be a bit empty and not really involved. I can’t even root for the underdog as no media covers their story. The teams secretive nature does not allow one to get to know and like any one team or driver.

Other issue for me are:

1. I live in the USA and there is no F1 race here anymore.

2. There are no American Drivers to root for ( not F1’s fault)

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