Do Auto Content Generation and Auto Link Exchangers Work?

9-18-07 I am running a test of this new content generation tool over at the site lets see if it works and appears in google’s ranking under “Fishing”.

The site have never really been visited before. I want to see if I get some Hits, Clicks and maybe a Google ranking. This is mainly a test to see what happens.

9-19-07 Ok It has been 24 hours since I put up the site and there has been no real visitors (not a surprise). I have also done a test with I know 24 hours in not enough time even for the Google bots to re-crawl the site. I have update the site maps as will. Today I hope to add an autolink exchanger to one of the sites. Hits = 3 Hits = 1

9-20-07 Ok the auto link exchanger is not working on my server, but I have added another one, but it only provides 3 links. I have the following hits today. These are not hits from Me. the one thing I did do was add a link on craig’s list to reelspicy I think this is where there hits are coming from. I will confirm tomorrow once Google analytics is updated. Hits = 2 Hits = 0

9-24-07 I hope everyone had a good weekend. I know my two test sites didn’t. No real traffic for the sites. I am going to give it another week, make some minor changes and update the content on the sites. I also hope to move to a new server this week(hope). All hits below were from craig’s list. Hits = 4 Hits = 1